DONDUP Italian brand of clothing with a modern mood and original style considered one of the most representative realities of the glamor scene Made in Italy.

DONDUP was born in 2000 and bears the name of an ancient Tibetan lama, Mingyar Dondup, whose creed is summed up in the words: "All men are equal, race, color and faith mean nothing. What has value are the intentions and actions of each one ». Dondup has an ecumenical vocation, understood according to the "universal" Greek etymology that finds favor with a transversal public: an urban tribe that embraces the values ​​of denim cultures such as authenticity, the always innovative spirit and rebellious traits and capacity to be able to read contemporaneity clearly.
Dondup is the most interesting interpreter of contemporary fashion.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items