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For a woman who is attentive to details, that wants to complete every look with handbags, belts, scarves, pashminas and hats to prestigious brands such as: Michael Kors, Replay & Sons, Altea.


  • Bags

    The bags are the accessories that are feminine par excellence, of precious materials such as leather, different colours, lots of patterns including shoulder bags, shopping bag and signed by prestigious brands such as Michael Kors, Pandorine.

  • Belts

    The belts give the final touch to an outfit for her attention to detail, fashion and suitable for all occasions, and of different materials among which the leather and signed by prestigious brands such as: Replay & Sons, and Diesel.

  • Scarves

    The scarves are essential to complete any outfit and make it elegant, original and rich of details; different fabrics such as wool, silk, modal, different colours and patterns all created by a brand with many prestigious brands such as: Etro, and Altea.

  • Caps

    Hats make every outfit original, full of details, different models, fabrics and colours, all signed by the best brands.

  • Portfolios
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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items