DIESEL is never just a pair of jeans. It’s a statement on individuality and self-expression, a battle cry for innovation, artistry and technical expertise, and a belief that passion is the
greatest muse. Founder Renzo Rosso has drawn from this over the past 35 years to create a lifestyle brand that’s as much rooted in denim as it is in his vision for the future.  This is Diesel.

When Diesel was established as a denim brand in 1978, Renzo Rosso’s vision didn’t end at indigo treatments and washes, it extended to a lifestyle expression. Although Diesel has been paving the road for denim trends since, delivering a dazzling array of jeans in innumerable fabrics and styles that have innovation and heritage at their core, its attitude has also expanded to encompass every aspect of modern life. From distinctive apparel to accessories and underwear, Diesel has you covered every step of the way.
There’s a story in every Diesel creation that takes new concepts and juxtaposes it against classic ideals.
With rock ‘n’ roll, utility and sports in its DNA, Diesel uses denim, leather and bold graphics as its foundation and builds on it with innovation, trend and passion. This expertise also flows into other
collaborative aspects, including brand extensions of fragrance, watches, eyewear, furniture and children’s wear all of which bind with leading industry players.

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